New 7-Color LED Under Car Lights and Installation Guide

New 7-Color LED Under Car Lights and Installation Guide

Under car lights, also called underbody lighting kit is an excellent "add-on" for cars, SUVs, and trucks.

If you've ever played any video gaming about car racing, you will certainly recall seeing the vehicles with the cool under body lamps glowing on the road help to make the awesome and loud "noise".

The under-car lights may bring the vehicle not only extra light during the night time but also a fresh accent cool fresh look. This underbody package enables you to stand out in the crowds and present your car or pickup truck a good theme to become envied for.

The brand new generation of the automobile underbody lights, the LED under car lighting, are steadily replacing the traditional style neon under car lights which not merely dimmer than LED lighting but also carry some the chance of exploding during traveling or even when the automobile is parked.

Aside from the dimmer and exploding risk, the LED light may also last much longer and eat less power than conventional Neon light.

Lastly, through the use of RGB Technology (Red-Green-Blue), the LED strip light may also emit a mixture of 7 different colors which is even more colorful than Neon, the 7 colors are Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B), Yellow (G+R), Magenta (R+B), Cyan (B+G), White (R+G+B).

If you are simply wondering how to install the 7-Color LED under-car lighting, look forget about! Here you will see the finest detail and simple to follow step-by-step guidelines on how to set up this LED under car lights.

The principle is quite easy. Just find the "Good" areas to mount the four LED strip lamps under the automobile chassis and connect each LED strip lighting to the control box, then connect the package to batter and that is it.

Step 1: Installation of the under car LED strip lights. Because of the limited amount of the wiring harness, make sure you make sure to gauge the range from the places where you want to install the LED strip lamps to where you intend to install the control container before you truly mount them on. Also, make an effort to install the LED Strip Lamps under the chassis where the LED will not be visible.

Step two 2: After you have figured out where you can mount the LED Strip Lighting, simply utilize the zip ties to mount the LED strips accordingly beneath the chassis. Be sure to tie the LED Strips directly and tight, therefore the light will emit equally on the ground.

Step 3: Open up the hood, look for a dry and great place close to the batter to mount the LED under car light's control box. Make certain the water won't make it happen, unlike the water-proof LED tubes, the control package is not waterproof.

Step 4: Once you have all four LED properly mounted within the vehicle along with the control package, lengthen the cords of every LED and connect them back to the control box.

Stage 5: Plug all wirings back again to the control container and connect the positive (red) and negative (dark) harness to the share battery's positive (crimson) and negative (black).

Step 6: Make use of your handy remote control to check this and enjoy your brand-new LED under-car lighting.

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